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Universal Light Weight Gt Rear Trunk Double Deck Racing Spoiler Aluminum Wing

Universal Light Weight Gt Rear Trunk Double Deck Racing Spoiler Aluminum Wing

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In racing or any spirited driving, there are many forces that act upon your car; power, weight and tires are a few things that can affect your car in either a negative of positive way. Aerodynamics is another factor that plays a big role in the performance and handling of your car and is often overlooked. These universal spoilers can help with aerodynamics and the aid the downforce applied to your car. Constructed of a lightweight yet durable aluminum alloy, these wings are fully adjustable to tailor to your vehicle and track needs. Available in several combinations of finishes, these wings will add an aggressive look to the exterior of your performance or show car.


Maintain traction: The main advantage of installing a spoiler on a vehicle is to help it maintain traction at very high speeds. When a vehicle drives very fast(over 70 miles per hour), the air pressure can lift the vehicle, which makes it diffcult to maneuver the vehicle without the danger of having it spin out of control. Rear spoliers, in particulor, push the back of the vehicle down so the tires can grip the road better and increase stability.

Increase fuel efficiency: Front vehicle spoiler or air dams can actually increase gas mileage in some cars. Since these types of spoilers reduce the drag(instead of increasing it) by pushing the air around the vehicle. It does lower the amount of energy(fuel) the vehicle needs to burn to propel itself forward.

Added visibility: Other drivers on the road can easily see the vehicle and prevent read-end collisions and other types of accidents. Certain spoilers, such as trunk cap spoilers, even has brake lights at eye-level so the driver behind can easily be altered when the vehicle is slowing down or braking.

Reduce weight: A spoiler can reduce the weight of a vehicle. The only thing keep a vehicle stable on the road is its weight. Many people have this perception that SUVs are much safer just because their heavier mass keeps them steady. However, having a spoiler means that the vehicle manufacture can reduce the weight of the vehicle by using ligher materials or doing away with unnecessary weight, without worry that driving at high speeds will cause the car to become unsteady and fly off the highway.

Create the stylish look: Most vehicle owners install spoilers as a fashion accessory and spoiler do a pretty good job of making a vehicle look cool.


This aluminum double rear GT wing spoiler is used in stabilising the vehicle at its high speed.


Fit for most sedan vehicle with plane suface trunk.

  • Double deck guide plates to stabilize your vehicle at its top speed
  • Light weight design (Made of aluminum)
  • Powder-coated for highest durability
  • Adjustable angels for customizable usages, efficiencies and appearances
  • Improves the exterior appearance of a vehicle
  • Gives better aerodynamics for your vehicle i.e. reduces drag, increases fuel efficiency, reinforces downforce, traction and stability
  • Bolt-on design, easy to install (drilling required)
  • Mounts easily to any trunk without the stock spolier
  • No install instructions included. we recommend professional installation
  • Material: High quality lightweight aluminum
  • Color: Black
  • Style: Double deck
  • Overall length: 135cm
  • Overall height: 28cm
  • Overall width: 25cm
  • Distance Between two brackets: 64cm
  • Pakcing size: 135x10x19cm
  • Packing weight: 5kg

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