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Hinkler Protect A Puzzle Jigsaw Glue- 236 ml

Hinkler Protect A Puzzle Jigsaw Glue- 236 ml

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  • Protect A Puzzle Easy-to-Use Jigsaw Glue protects and allows you to preserve your masterpieces for everyone to enjoy forever.
  • Whether you want to store it away or show off your handiwork within a frame this specialised glue has you covered.
  • Available in 236 ml, it can also be used to make slime.
  • Contents are nontoxic and safe to use.

Directions for Use:
  1. Place your puzzle picture side up on a piece of board or paper to protect the surface from glue
  2. Carefully pour some glue onto the centre of the puzzle
  3. Use a scraper to spread the glue in an even, thin layer across the entire puzzle
  4. Scrape excess glue, then leave to dry overnight
  5. If you want extra strong hold, turn the puzzle over and repeat this process

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