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Ekkio 3PCS Kids Table and Chairs Set with BlackChalkboard (White)

Ekkio 3PCS Kids Table and Chairs Set with BlackChalkboard (White)

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  • Flip It and Reverse It
    Why have one table when you can have two? The EKKIO Kids Table and Chair Set has a smart table top that flips over, giving you two different surfaces to play with. One side is smooth and flat, perfect for drawing, writing, eating or playing. The other side is a cool chalkboard, where your kids can unleash their creativity and learn new things. They can draw their favorite animals, write their names, or solve math problems. The possibilities are endless!
  • Secret Storage
    Who doesn't love a good surprise? This set has secret storage spaces under the table and chairs, where your kids can hide their stuff. They can store their toys, books, art supplies or anything else they want. They can also use them as treasure chests for their special items. But shhh, don't tell anyone, it's a secret!
  • No More Wobbles
    No more shaky furniture that makes you nervous. This set is made of durable MDF board that can handle any adventure your kids throw at it. Plus, it's easy to clean and maintain, so you don't have to worry about spills and stains.
  • Safe and Sound
    Your kids' safety is our priority. That's why this set is painted with non-toxic paint that is safe for your little ones. Plus, the edges are rounded and smooth to prevent injuries. No harmful chemicals, no bad smells, no worries.
  • Color Me Happy
    This set comes in three colors: white, pink, and grey. You can choose the one that matches your kid's taste and mood. Whether they like it simple, sweet or sleek, we have the color for them.

Package Details

  • Package Dimension:67 x 10 x 72 cm
  • Package Weight:16.2kg
  • Package Contents:1x 3PCS Kids Table and Chairs Set with Black Chalkboard (White)

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