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Cuddly Baby Plastic Playpen Toddler Gate Safety Room Fence Divider 18 Panel

Cuddly Baby Plastic Playpen Toddler Gate Safety Room Fence Divider 18 Panel

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Made of non-toxic plastic and designed with narrow gaps and enhanced safety features, it can be set up quickly to form a barrier for children to be kept in safe area, so you can work with other house keeping stuff while still keeping an eye on the babies.

Enhanced Safety design with narrow gaps
Non-toxic Material
Easy assemble or disassemble
No sharp edges and metal parts (except for some small screws which have been fixed to the panels)
Safety door to lock or unlock
Suction cups on bottom
Each set of the playpen comes with a door and a game panel
Panel Qty excludes the door and game panel, ie. 22-panel playpen includes 20 pcs of panels with different colors + 1 door panel + 1 game panel
Each panel has a size approx. 40cm W x 60cm H
Door panel and Game Panel have the same size of 80cm W x 60cm H
Each panel is assigned with one color, there are 5 different colors available
One basic color set has 5 panels with different colors
We will ship colors in set, and the rest with random colors, ie, 14-panel playpen has 2 basic color sets (2 pcs for each color, total 10pcs), and the rest 2pcs will be random colors, plus 1 door panel and 1 game panel

Material: Non-toxic Plastic PE&PP
Panel Qty: refer to title or as selected
Panel size, and playpen size: please refer to photo for details
Fit for children over 6 months old

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