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2x Microwave Crisper Tray Crispy Pies Pastries Pizza Kitchen Trays Bakeware

2x Microwave Crisper Tray Crispy Pies Pastries Pizza Kitchen Trays Bakeware

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Now you can cook pastries and pies, without that unpleasant sogginess thanks to this amazing Microwave Tray. The secret is the “raised grids” specially designed to allow air-to flow, reducing moisture, as the reservoir catches excess grease too. So, forget using regular plates and put an end to soggy pies, pizza and more!


  • Dishwasher safe.
  • 27cm L x 28cm W x 1.8cm H

Package included:

  • 2x Microwave Tray


  • Only for use in microwaves
  • Always clean the tray before use. (Do not clean with an abrasive cloth)
  • Ensure your microwave is clean, before using
  • Never leave your microwave unattended while cooking
  • Do not use the tray without food in your microwave
  • Do not use the tray with cooking paper
  • Cooking time will depend on your microwave wattage and whether food is thawed or frozen
  • Heat at short intervals to prevent over cooking
  • Made from dishwasher safe plastic
  • Tray may be hot, so always take care or used mitts, when removing from microwave

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