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24 Color Soft Pastel Artist Chalk Full Length Square Stick High-Quality Pigments

24 Color Soft Pastel Artist Chalk Full Length Square Stick High-Quality Pigments

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Maries' soft chalk pastels, Non-Toxic, Square and velvety smooth pastel are blended easily for an intensive range of tones. Be made from finely ground pigments for vibrant colours, soft for easy application.

They are easy to apply and blend to create rich tones and subtle blends in your painting.


Rich in colour and highly lightfast, easy blended.

Velvety smooth, dry texture for superior colour control and blending.

Fine edges can be used for detail work. Flat edges can be used for fast colour lay-down.

Can easily be wiped using a finger, paper wiper or pastel brush.

A pastel fixative can be applied to prevent colours from fading.

Ideal for amateur artists, school art lessons and creative handicraft enthusiasts.


Each chalk stick measures 6cm x 0.8cm x 0.8cm

24 Colors include: - Colour Card is available in the images


Lemon Yellow(215), Yellow Mid(227), Orange Yellow(301), Yellow Ochre(676), 

Vermilion(324), Scarlet(302), Crimson Red(315), Rose(336), Light Red(305),

Emerald Green(559), Sap Green(568), Deep Green(570),

Violet(430), Cerulean Blue(455), Cobalt Blue(453), Prussian Blue(445), Ultramarine Blue(443),

Raw Sienna(601), Earth Red(681), Burnt Sienna(684), Burnt Umber(687),

Payne's Grey(797), Black(793).

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