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1 x Decoy HAWK BIRD SCARER Deterrent for Nuisance Birds Better then a Scare Crow

1 x Decoy HAWK BIRD SCARER Deterrent for Nuisance Birds Better then a Scare Crow

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This simple cost effective Australian Made Hawk Bird replica is a scarer that protects and prevents nuisance birds destroying your garden, crops or orchards,etc with absolutely no impact on the surrounding environment or neighbours.

 It does no harm to the birds that it deterrs. Just place the Hawk bird scarer over the area to be protected and you can enjoy the fruits of your labours without the damage.

This Hawk Replica is a solid plastic back plate with a detailed graphic that you clip to the front of that back plate. SOME ASSEMBLY IS REQUIRED.

If you have a look at the main picture, this was simply taken in my photo booth, no special effects at all. As you can see by the picture, it looks VERY MUCH the real deal to you, so imagine what a bird is going to make of it.

 The design of the plastic cover is where this scarer really comes into its own and beats all other scarers on the market. This plastic cover moves and ripples and that exact movement combined with the incredible visual aspect of this scarer is what makes it work!

Birds, by nature have an instinctive fear of Hawks and eyes.....
Just put the scarer well above the area to be protected so that it looks like a real attacking Goshawk. Using a tall pipe or pole, or suspended between three high points with fishing line  or light wire or parallel wire method using a pole either end of the area to be protected. 

Perfect for the following applications...
         •  Barnes
         •  Boats & Marinas
         •  Bowling greens
         •  Berry crops
         •  Broad acre crops
         •  Domestic Vegetable gardens
         •  Fish & Yabby breeding ponds
         •  Fruit Orchards
         •  Golf fairways
         •  Newly planted seed lawns
         •  Nut trees
         •  Swimming pools
         •  Radio/TV Antennas
         •  Roosting birds. Eaves and trees
         •  Transmitting Towers
         •  Vineyards

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