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Junior Scrabble Game Family Party Board Game Kids Educational Toy

Junior Scrabble Game Family Party Board Game Kids Educational Toy

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Choose one of two levels to suit the age group of the players: young children can start with "Words and Pictures", a game specially created to help with word formation and recognition. "Rainbow Scrabble" is more challenging and is intended for children of aged 6+

Level 1 

The first game called ‘Words and pictures’ is for younger children and is played using the blue,Illustrated side of the playing board. 

It is printed with illustrated words that are linked together.This combination of words and pictures will help children in learning to read and spell without the worry of making mistake. 

Level 2 

The green and orange side of the board is called 'Colours and counters'. It is a more advanced game for children of 6+ .Children who can make up their own words, and are more secure with their won spelling, will enjoy playing this version with its unique scoring method that is both easy and fun to use.


Material: High quality Environment-Friendly Plastic Material, Safe And Non-toxic. 


1. Include: 1 Playing Board + 84 Scrabble Letter Tiles + 1 Tile Bag + 1 Scrabble Instructions.

2. Sturdy & Colourful Scrabble Board: The Scrabble Board Has Bright Colourful Clear Paint,2 Different Game Patterns for Kids & Teenagers. The Material is Sturdy Cardboard, Easy to Set up and not Easy to Break 

3. Education: Scrabble is a word game for 2 players. Perfect for Family Game Night, a Head-to-Head Challenge,promote intimacy between parents and children, calculation, analysing ability and creativity. 

Package Includes: 

1 Playing Board 

84 Scrabble Letter Tiles 

1 Tile Bag 

1 Scrabble Instructions 

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