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DreamZ Mattress Bag Protector Plastic Moving Storage Dust Cover Carry Queen Bed

DreamZ Mattress Bag Protector Plastic Moving Storage Dust Cover Carry Queen Bed

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Grab your mattress bag and protect your mattress during the move. No worries about dirt, stains or water getting on your expensive mattress. Unzip it at the other end in pristine condition.

Just unzip your mattress cover along three sides. Lay your mattress on the cover. Pull the open side over and zip it up. Get a friend to help you carry it with the reinforced handles.

Use your mattress storage cover to safely store away your mattress in your garage. When the time comes, drag it out. Pull out your mattress after the months of storage. Good as when you put it there.

To clean, just wipe down your plastic mattress bag with a wet cloth. It gets dirty so that your mattress doesn’t. The PE tarp material is easy to clean. Story worrying and start storing.

Carry your mattress storage bag wherever you like. The tarp material is tear resistant and perfect for loading onto your mate’s trailer. Fold it up tight when you don’t need to use it.

Key Features

  • Heavy-duty PE tarp
  • Convenient carry handles
  • Durable zip
  • Tear-resistant plastic
  • Full protection

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