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BoPeep Kids Bean Bag Toss Game Set Children Wooden Outdoor Toys Theme Party

BoPeep Kids Bean Bag Toss Game Set Children Wooden Outdoor Toys Theme Party

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Master your bean bag toss game. Pick a distance and start throwing your bean bags into the hole. Maybe your children can start closer to the platform. Create memories together.

Play cornhole or corn toss anywhere and everywhere. Toss your bean bags. Compete against your friends. First to 30 points wins. Get 3, 4 or 5 points depending on the hole you land in.

Dream. Create. Play. Your bean bag toss game can be more than a game. Your kids can pretend to be catapults or trebuchets. Each bean bag could actually be a bird trying to get home.

Use your bean bag game for many seasons. When your kids outgrow it, pass it on to the new family down the street. Or keep it around for when your grandchildren enter the scene.

Throw a birthday party at any time of the year. Raining outside? Doesn’t matter. Bean bag toss just requires some space. Maybe don’t play where things can get knocked over.

Key Features

  • Quality MDF board
  • Foldable and lightweight
  • Thick canvas fabric
  • Four supporting feet
  • Powerful nets
  • Easy to use

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