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12pc Glass Coffee Cup Ceramic Saucer Set Tumbler Latte Cappuccino Grey 220ml

12pc Glass Coffee Cup Ceramic Saucer Set Tumbler Latte Cappuccino Grey 220ml

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Tempered Glass Coffee Cup - Boasting exceptional shock and heat resistance; perfect for freshly-brewed teas, coffees and hot chocolates
Coloured Ceramic Saucer - With a central indentation to help keep your glass in place
Dimensions: Cup Capacity: 220ml Diameter: 8cm Height: 7.5cm Saucer Diameter: 14cm
Dishwasher, Microwave and Freezer Safe - An essential serving vessel for everything from espresso to affogato!
2 Year Warranty - With a dedicated Customer Service Team committed to providing peace of mind from our door to yours
Our Duralex Gigogne Glass Coffee Cup and Ceramic Saucer Sets let you transform your kitchen into your very own artisan coffee house!

Let's face it, the porcelain coffee mug is a bit blasé by this point - but while modern latte glasses may ooze social media chic, they can be a little bit lacking in vibrant personality. "So," my bosses said to me, "why don't we bring those two worlds together?"

The Gigogne Coffee Cup has been built to thrive within even the most demanding kitchen, making it a perfect serving solution for both home and professional establishments alike. The tempered glass construction means it can hold piping hot coffee fresh from the percolator with no trouble, while the clean minimalist design provides a perfect showcase for lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos and more. A ceramic saucer provides an eye-catching pop of contemporary colour, with a central indentation that helps prevent your cup from slipping.

Our collection boasts a variety of exciting colour options; mix and match to create the perfect combination and let your personality shine!

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